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Our Core Values

"Airspeed is life."

Just like the aviation expression "Airspeed is life. Altitude is insurance" our business model follows the same principles. For Right Rudder Marketing, S.P.E.E.D. is how we run our company.


Strengthen one another. Our actions speak louder than words. We treat our clients, our partners, our vendors, and our team with respect. We strengthen one another through our teamwork and collaboration. We…

Position our flight schools partners for positive growth. We prioritize our actions by their impactfulness. We…

Expect nothing but the best from one another. We set clear expectations of our needs and our goals. We…

Exude expertise. We continuously improve and are experts in our trade. We commit to consistent training in order for us to…

Deliver world class results.

How We Do Business

"Altitude is insurance."

Continuing on with the mantra of "Airspeed is life. Altitude is insurance", flying H.I.G.H. is how we remain in business long term. We're committed to the aviation community and we are here to serve the flight training industry.


Help aviation businesses. The more aviation businesses we partner with to help grow and scale their businesses, Right Rudder Marketing in tandem also grows and scales and climbs in altitude and reach. Our clients are the utmost priority and we need to make sure that we …

Implement the best systems and processes. We continually research new trends and changes in the marketplace. We innovate our systems and procedures to always give our customers the best results. Through our successes, we…

Give back to the aviation community. We always give more than what we receive in return to serve our customers, our customer's customers, and our partners. That way everyone in our immediate circles can…

Have fun. Aviation is an industry of love. People choose to become aviators due to their passions and love of flight. We always have fun doing what we do because we love what we do. We love seeing more people flying and achieving their goals.

Fly with digital marketing experts that know the flight training industry.

We are a team of pilots that know the flight training industry. Because if your marketing team doesn't know what the pilot training experience is like, then how can they be successful for you? See what we're talking about by booking a call now!

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We are a rapidly expanding pilot owned digital marketing agency working exclusively with flight schools throughout the United States. We're on a mission to help 100 flight schools double their student body and dominate their service area by 2025.

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