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Launch of the Right Rudder Marketing Website

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SAT OCT 15 2022
Written by Tim Jedrek

We are pleased to present the Right Rudder Marketing website!  Right Rudder Marketing is a digital marketing agency made specifically for flight schools.  The company was started just a few weeks ago and we’re really excited to put ourselves out there and help flight schools all across the country take their school to the next level.  Our mission is to help 100 flight schools double their student body in 2025!


Why digital marketing?

Aviation and flight schools in particular are very underserved when it comes to digital marketing.  There are many marketing agencies out there that make websites and do the similar things we do, but there’s a big difference.  They’re not pilots.  They didn’t go through the training that we have gone through and they don’t really understand our industry.  They offer confusing packages and a wide variety of services so it’s really hard to understand what’s best for your flight school.  At Right Rudder Marketing, we offer our Flight School Marketing System which is really just based off of these three principles:


  1. Maximize the opportunities and get your flight school in front of targeted customers who are already interested in becoming a pilot.

  2. Get these interested customers to book a discovery flight at your school and experience the joy of aviation.

  3. Convert these interested customers into recurring student pilots who train at your flight school and keep your CFIs’ schedule busy and full.


The opportunity

Aviation is set for a huge expansion in the coming years whether we realize it or not.  There is definitely a renewed interest in becoming a pilot.  Just a few months ago, Tom Cruise was featured in the movie Top Gun and outside the aviation community, there was a huge uptick in interest in becoming a pilot.  It’s hard to deny that the interest in the aviation industry has grown.  Even on google search, the keyword “flight school near me” has exploded in the past few years!


However, many flight schools aren’t experiencing any growth.  The problem is that the resources online and the content that flight schools put out aren’t very convincing to someone outside of the aviation community.  All they see is a high barrier to entry and they become discouraged.  


What needs to change?

Flight schools are a business and in business, it’s all about marketing and sales.  It’s all about how we present ourselves to our customers.  Most flight school websites just talk about themselves.  Here’s our fleet.  Here’s our instructors.  Here’s the cost.


This is definitely the wrong approach.  Curious customers are not interested in your school.  Rather, they are interested in how you can help them become a pilot.  Our customers are going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars with you so we have to ensure that your website and your marketing material is engineered in such a way that customers will be enlightened in the pilot training process and that they will feel confident that your flight school will help them achieve their goals.


Why Right Rudder Marketing?

My name is Tim Jedrek and I’m the founder of Right Rudder Marketing.  I took my discovery flight in July 2019 and I passed my private pilot checkride a little over a year later.  During my training, I really fell in love with aviation and I want to use the experience I’ve built over the years and offer it to the aviation community. 


I have a decade of experience in business and leadership when I worked with fortune 500 companies in quality assurance and management.  I worked side by side with sales and marketing teams and helped them prepare for trade shows, sales calls, and sales presentations.  I’ve seen what works in big and small companies and I’ve also seen what doesn’t.


I also have been programming since I was a teenager and I taught myself how to code.  I started with the basics like HTML and javascript, but later on went on to learn object oriented programming like java, python, ruby, and node.js.  I learned how to create websites and applications the real way, which is to build a website without using page builders like WordPress and Wix.  This is important because hand coded websites load faster, are more secure, and rank higher on Google.


Digital marketing really takes these two industries and combines them together.  You have the customer relationship marketing side of things and then on the other side of the coin, you have the technical application development side of things.  Unfortunately, most digital marketing agencies only really have strengths in one aspect.  Right Rudder Marketing synergizes these two schools of thought together and delivers proven and results driven digital marketing services to flight schools.


Call Today

We’re very excited to meet with you and help you take your flight school to the next level.  We’ll help identify ways to really accelerate the number of students coming to your school.  Whether that’s through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media campaigns, or email marketing. Whatever it is, we’ll help create a digital marketing campaign that’s specifically tailored for your flight school.  Click here to get on our calendar.  We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon!


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