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picture for article: Right Rudder Marketing is Now a Corporate Sponsor for NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors)

Right Rudder Marketing is Now a Corporate Sponsor for NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors)

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SUN DEC 11 2022
Written by Tim Jedrek

In the month of December 2022, Right Rudder Marketing has become a corporate sponsor for the National Association of Flight Instructors.  NAFI is a professional organisation for flight instructors in the United States.  NAFI is dedicated exclusively to raising and maintaining the professional standing of flight instructors in the aviation industry since 1967.  NAFI publishes Mentor - a magazine, newsletter, and live stream broadcast -  which provides invaluable resources like technical information, the latest in FAA regulations, and insights into the fundamentals of instruction.


We are very excited to support NAFI long term and help the aviation community and its instructors!  Right Rudder Marketing recognizes the important contributions that NAFI and its members, highly knowledgeable and experienced flight instructors, make to aviation.  Flight instructors are the first to encounter new students entering the aviation community and therefore help build the future of the aviation industry.  Therefore, we believe that by supporting NAFI. we are able to directly help the aviation industry and help keep aviation the safe, reliable transportation system it is today.


Right Rudder Marketing is looking forward to attending and supporting future NAFI events and working directly with flight instructors, flight school owners, and stakeholders in the aviation community.

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