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Why You Should Ask For Reviews From Your Flight Students

FRI JAN 26 2024
Written by Charles Ferguson

In the digital landscape, your flight school's visibility doesn't come from someone spotting your logo on the tail of a plane in the air; it comes from mastering the intricate maneuvers that Google demands. Buckle up as we navigate through the dimensions that play a pivotal role in determining your school's SEO ranking and why fostering reviews from your student pilots is a game-changer.




In the local SEO landscape, proximity takes center stage. Google Reviews considers the geographical distance, making it crucial for your flight school to strategically position itself in local searches. Crafting a review strategy tailored to your local presence ensures that your school emerges as the top choice for aspiring student pilots in your vicinity. Try to encourage students to include keywords about their suburbs and hometowns in their reviews.




Google values the richness of experiences showcased in your reviews. It's about positive sentiments and painting a diverse range of student perspectives. Encourage your students to share varied experiences, creating an abundance of activities that capture the attention of prospective aviators seeking a comprehensive view of your flight school.


iPhone takes a video of a pilot flying his airplane

Photos are a great way to diversify your range of Google Reviews!




Consistency is a huge ranking factor. A steady flow of recent reviews signals to Google that your flight school is not just established but actively engaged with its student community. Implementing a proactive review solicitation strategy ensures a consistent inflow, maintaining your school's prominence in the dynamic skies of digital visibility. It's better to have a steady trickle of reviews than unpredictable waves of reviews every so often. That's not to say it's too late to ask for a storm of reviews from former students though!




Beyond the numbers, engagement matters. How actively does your flight school respond to reviews? Google rewards schools that demonstrate active engagement with their student community, turning reviews into a dialogue. Timely and meaningful responses become the wings that propel your school to greater heights in the digital realm. The more detailed and thoughtful the response, the higher your school will surge.


5-star review by Tim Jedrek for a flight school

Founder of RRM Tim Jedrek's review for a flight school he flew at




Trust is the currency of any relationship, in-person and digital. Google values authentic reviews from genuine students. Create an environment where authentic student experiences are encouraged and highlighted, establishing your flight school's authenticity. This authenticity becomes a powerful force in securing a higher ranking and building trust among potential student pilots.




Sentiments sway the Google algorithm. Positive sentiments contribute positively, while even negative reviews can become opportunities for improvement when handled effectively. Strive for a balance of positive sentiments while using constructive feedback to enhance your flight school's digital reputation. It's about maintaining equilibrium in online perception.


Right Rudder Marketing’s Stance


In the dynamic landscape of digital visibility, understanding and optimizing these dimensions within Google Reviews become the secret ingredients for your flight school's ascent. Tailoring your review strategies to these dimensions doesn't just elevate your ranking; it transforms your school's digital presence, guiding it to new heights in the competitive skies of aviation education. So, gear up for the journey to the top—one review at a time.


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