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Your website is a sales tool.
Are you using it correctly?

When you think about designing a website for a flight school, what comes to mind? List our fleet, showcase our instructors, put a contact form and call it done? This is what 91% of flight school websites do, but by doing this we're missing a huge opportunity.

Your website is your ultimate sales tool in your disposable. A carefully crafted website can attract the right clients, while on the other hand, not investing enough into your website design and website copy will repel your ideal customers. At the end of the day, your customers are visiting your website and making a snap judgement about you and your business.

So what makes a Right Rudder Marketing website different than all the rest? It boils down to these three marketing psychology principles. Using these marketing psychology tactics, your website will convert visitors to actual hot leads.

  • Why become a pilot
  • Your authority
  • Next steps

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

When people visit your website, they're on the fence on whether they want to start pilot training. Your website needs to show them the advantages of becoming a pilot. They're scouring all of the internet for content and resources to guide them in their decision. Become the source of truth for pilot training in your local area.

Highlight the benefits of becoming a pilot: career aspects, newer freedom, and a new community. This is your chance to answer the visitor's "why". Remember, your customers are motivated to start flight training for the following reasons:

Appeal to opposite sex

Becoming a pilot is cool and attractive

Financial benefits

Either through a pilot career or by saving time

Thrill and curiousity

Chasing a never fulfilled dream
woman thinking if she should start pilot training

Show Them How

Use your website to brandish your authority. Lead the visitor step by step on what's the right way to start pilot training through your program.

Most people are totally confused when first starting the journey in aviation. They're wondering how much it may cost, what the process is, and how to even get started. It's an emotional process to decide to start flight training.

Show them how you're going to solve their problem

Package your services

Describe in great detail your flight school courses. Make it easy to say yes

Highlight your authority

Showcase your experience, awards, and past students that have moved on to the airlines

Your facility and staff

This is the cherry on the cake. Show off your team and your facility
CFI with student pilot measure fuel on a cessna 172

Get Their Information

You need more than just a contact form. While one form is enough to get some leads, Right Rudder Marketing takes it up a notch. We'll use plenty call to actions throughout the site to guide visitors to multiple forms.

Some tried and true lead funnels for flight schools include: booking a discovery flight, scheduling a call, and downloading a PDF guide on how to become a pilot.

Your website is a sales tool to get your visitors information so they can start training at your flight school ASAP.

Right Rudder Marketing Can Help
man and woman shaking hands at a hangar

What is a custom programmed content management system?

No page builders, no third party software, no themes or templates

Your new website will be custom designed and coded from scratch.

No templates or themes. Your new website will be unique to your flight school.

No WordPress, no bloatware. Your new website is going to run fast.

Fast page load speeds that fits on all screens

Achieve high page load scores using clean custom created code.

Mobile first in mind so your new website will fit all screens and sizes.

Optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewing.

Built in editor to add news and blog posts on the spot

We'll provide monthly content for you to publish on your website.

Continuous content builds your authority and ranks you higher.

Use the built in editor to publish your own news and updates.

Reduced vulnerability and increased security

WordPress and other pagebuilders are a prime target for hackers.

A custom coded website removes you from being a large target.

Built in security and automatic SSL certificate updates.

Weekly backups to prevent data loss.

Search engine optimized

Website is coded with SEO in mind

We're experts in SEO and we stay up to date with Google trends

Heading tags, titles, meta tags, sitemap, robots.txt... We cover the technicalities

Right Rudder Marketing takes pride in our customer service. Unlimited revisions, edits, and redesigns. Territory exclusivity.

Our success relies on your success so we want to see you grow!

Join the leading flight schools that have turned their online presence into predictable revenue

We make your flight school look as good as the planes you fly and help you make more money with ease.

Flight School Owner Calling Right Rudder Marketing

Step 1. Start a conversation with Right Rudder

After understanding your goals and understanding your current situation, we'll develop a marketing plan to help you reach your goals.

Launch Marketing Plan

Step 2. Launch your marketing plan

Get your marketing plan launched without the stress, hassle or guesswork. Right Rudder Marketing has you covered.

Flight School Owner Happy

Step 3. Get results

Grow and scale your flight school with a predictable plan and have a full scale digital marketing agency on your team to keep you on track.

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Introducing SimpliFly. A flight school in the highly competitive area of Mesa, AZ.

We helped SimpliFly 10X the amount of leads coming to their school so they can train more pilots and expand their fleet.

The Challenge

When Blake from SimpliFly gave Right Rudder Marketing a call, they were looking to update their website and get more leads coming into their school to increase their revenue. They had a WordPress website already built out, social media profiles, and a GMB listing, but they weren't seeing much progress in their online rankings. With multiple flight schools at their airport competing for prospective students' attention, Blake knew he needed to do something about his digital marketing. They were ranking way below the first page of search and on the Google Map listings they were #14, well below the view so potential customers had difficulty even knowing they existed.

SimpliFly was using a local agency that wasn't specialized for flight schools and aviation businesses. There was a lot of friction in communication as the SimpliFly team had to describe the pilot training process and how aviation works. They spent a lot of time going back and forth with their previous agency to get things sounding right because the previous agency didn't understand pilots.

What We Did

The first thing we did was research the local area and their competition. With so many flight schools in their area, we had to understand what keywords were being searched for and then come up with a strategy to really accelerate their growth. We created an awesome website for them which really highlighted their main program: accelerated pilot training. We used target keywords in their website and GMB profile to really take things up a notch and we've seen great results.

The Results

They are now getting flooded with inquiries and phone calls asking about their flight school. They're ranking on the first page of Google Search and Google Maps.
Heatmap showing SimpliFly's ranking around their airport

Heatmap showing SimpliFly's ranking around their airport

Our focus now is looking at where they are ranking as #4. This is important because Google's first page listings only contain three businesses. When we get a flight school to rank as #3 or higher, their business exponentially increases.


"Right rudder marketing has been a huge help and blessing in our business. They made an amazing website for us. They also understand aviation and pilots which is a huge help. If you own a flight school then you definitely need to use Right Rudder Marketing."

-Blake, Owner at SimpliFly

Fly with digital marketing experts that know the flight training industry.

We are a team of pilots that know the flight training industry. Because if your marketing team doesn't know what the pilot training experience is like, then how can they be successful for you? See what we're talking about by booking a call now!

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We are a rapidly expanding pilot owned digital marketing agency working exclusively with flight schools throughout the United States. We're on a mission to help 100 flight schools double their student body and dominate their service area by 2025.

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