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Meet Tim Jedrek.

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after passing his private pilot checkride

I'm the founder and pilot in command of Right Rudder Marketing. I'm leading the strategic forces behind Right Rudder Marketing.

I'm looking forward to bringing the decades of experience I have in computer science and business leadership to my one true love, aviation.

The flight school community is underserved when it comes to their digital marketing. Many schools rely on local web designers or big name low value digital marketing companies to advertise online, but these marketing providers just don't really understand the pilot training process.

Right Rudder Marketing is a pilot owned modern professional digital marketing agency that delivers real quality.

Our flight school specialized digital marketing team just does everything better than everyone else.

Our Team

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Tim Jedrek

Tim started programming as a teenager and then continued on to become a quality manager after graduating university. He got his private pilot certificate in 2021 and enjoys flying for fun. He started Right Rudder Marketing in 2022 to bring his two passions, programming and aviation, together.

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Tonie Santos
Operations Director
Tonie graduated from the Philippine Military Academy and became a software engineer. He has been programming for over three decades working with in various industries like steel manufacturing, finance, pharmacy, and telecom. His son is a pilot and his daughter is an aeronautical engineer.
Bring your expertise to Right Rudder Marketing and help change the flight training industry. One flight school at a time.
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Fly with digital marketing experts that know the flight training industry.

We are a team of pilots that know the flight training industry. Because if your marketing team doesn't know what the pilot training experience is like, then how can they be successful for you? See what we're talking about by booking a call now!

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We are a rapidly expanding pilot owned digital marketing agency working exclusively with flight schools throughout the United States. We're on a mission to help 100 flight schools double their student body and dominate their service area by 2025.

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