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picture for article: Tim Jedrek At King Schools Talks Sales and Marketing

Tim Jedrek At King Schools Talks Sales and Marketing

SUN OCT 22 2023
Written by Tim Jedrek, Published by Kings Schools




At the King School EDU CON Symposium in sunny San Diego, Tim Jedrek, representing Right Rudder Marketing, shared some game-changing tips for anyone trying to make a mark online. No fancy talk, just straightforward advice for businesses and individuals alike in the flight training industry.


Building a Website That Works Everywhere:


Tim highlighted the importance of having a user-friendly website. Easy to implement stuff, like making sure your visitors can easily find what they need and giving them various ways to reach you—phone, forms, or chat. Plus, making sure your website looks good on any screen—big or small. Common sense stuff, but often overlooked.


Getting Found on Google:


Ever heard of SEO? Tim made it sound less scary and technical and made it simple. He suggested using tools like the Yoast Plugin and paying attention to things like titles, headers, and images. He stressed the importance of regular blog posts, getting listed in directories, and putting out press releases. Simple steps that can make a big difference in how Google sees you.


Ads That Don’t Annoy People:


Tim had some solid advice about online advertising. Don’t blow your budget all at once. Test different things. Know where your audience is. Write Google ads and Facebook Ads that people actually want to read. And here’s a big one—don’t send them to your homepage; create specific landing pages. It’s like talking to someone about what they’re interested in rather than giving them a generic speech.


Sales Made Simple:


According to Tim, everyone is a salesperson, from you to your team members and especially your CFIs. He stressed the importance of mood, morale, and mindset in sales. Plus, having a system in place for sales makes everything smoother. Tim talked about using scripts and procedures, defining stages, and having a solid onboarding process.


Keeping Customers Happy:


Lastly, Tim tackled the challenge of keeping customers happy and sticking around. It’s about setting goals, understanding your numbers, and keeping up communication. Simple things like following up and staying in touch can go a long way in reducing churn and keeping your customers for the long haul.


Tim Jedrek’s talk wasn’t about rocket science and overly technical. It was about practical steps anyone can take to succeed online and keep their business growing. The audience left with actionable insights, ready to implement these straightforward strategies in the real world.

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