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picture for article: Sky Express Expands Fleet with ATR 72-600s and Commits to Emission Reduction

Sky Express Expands Fleet with ATR 72-600s and Commits to Emission Reduction

TUE JAN 16 2024
Written by Melvin Yabo

In a strategic move to bolster its fleet and contribute to emission reduction initiatives, Sky Express, Greece's fastest-growing airline, recently welcomed the first of two ATR 72-600 turboprops. The second is set to join the fleet early in the first quarter of 2024 as part of Sky Express's ongoing fleet renewal program. As a member of the IOGR Group of companies, boasting extensive experience in tourism and aviation, Sky Express placed a firm order for the two ATR 72s, reflecting the airline's commitment to modernizing its fleet.


The inaugural ATR 72-600, registered SX-IPO and carrying MSN 1676, made its debut on December 22, arriving from Toulouse. Swiftly integrated into service, the aircraft operated multiple flights across Greece, showcasing its operational efficiency and reliability. For instance, on January 11, the ATR 72-600 executed eight flights, including routes from Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH) to Corfu (CFU), Zakynthos (ZTH), and Chania (CHQ).


Sky Express is optimizing its operations by maintaining a quick turnaround time of approximately 30 minutes for the ATRs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficient use of airtime. The airline is expanding its regional fleet from six to eight ATR 72-600s, supported by two 72-500s and four 42-500s, totaling 14 ATR turboprops. The eighth 72-600 is anticipated to join the fleet in the current quarter.


Beyond its expansion, Sky Express is strategically addressing environmental concerns. The introduction of new ATR 72-600s contributes to reducing the airline's carbon footprint. Given that the ATR emits 45% less CO2 compared to a regional jet, Sky Express is aligning with sustainability goals. The airline recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility, especially in serving island destinations where preserving the environment is a top priority.


Captain Konstantinos IIiakis, CEO of Sky Express, highlighted the airline's commitment to providing passenger comfort and reliability while actively reducing CO2 emissions. Emphasizing the environmental priority, he stated, "An important example of the priority SKY express gives to the environment is our choice to connect the Greek islands and main Greek destinations in a modern and sustainable way with our ATR 72-600."


encompassing 33 domestic destinations and an expanding presence in 11 European cities


Sky Express's ambitious growth is evident in its vast network, encompassing 33 domestic destinations and an expanding presence in 11 European cities. The airline has solidified partnerships with major global carriers, including British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, and more, positioning itself as a key player in the aviation landscape.


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